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On , Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, Britain’s most senior Roman Catholic, warned that the spread of secularism and atheism were “very, very dangerous” fostering intolerance and the drive towards totalitarianism in order to eliminate Christianity in the nation.

And recently David Cameron again has stated UK is a “While such idealisation of Christianity can be expected from clerics and true believers in the faith, there have been other voices who see a European identity defined through Christianity as useful even if its not actually true.

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Image Source As per Ramesh Panchwagh, using Cyber Sky Planetarium program based on JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) ephemeris 404, the date of Mahabharata War is 3126 BC.

This is based on a number of astronomical references one of which is the 7 planets lining up together and solar eclipse.

A lot of research has been done on this and there is no broad consensus.

There are 4 sets of dates - 3100 BC, 2500 BC, 1500 BC and 900 BC.So I thought I better pen down a list of all such English words derived indirectly from the ancient Sanskrit.But before that, as usual a small preface The World’s Oldest Known Literary work - the Vedas – the root source of the Indian and Hindu Philosophy and Spirituality – are written in Sanskrit.This was enhanced in November by the Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, who said that the Church’s Magisterium and the Christian roots of Europe are in dispensable in facing the continent’s economic crisis.Already on at symposium in Rome on the Orthodox and Catholic Churches of Europe , president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, Cardinal Walter Kasper, stated,”If Europe wants to have a future again, it must first and foremost renew its Christian roots.” The greater input of Christianity into public life has also been witnessed by David Cameron and his predecessor as prime minister, Tony Blair.Image Source As per Prof Raja, a participant in the Vidur Ashrama Seminar, the date of Mahabharata War is 3067 BC. Image Source As per Dr Mohan Gupta in a session 'Date of Kurukshetra War based on astronomical data' in 2003 in Bangalore, the date of Mahabharata War is 1952 BC.

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