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I ruled the country I run small piece of office equipment I sat shocked, receiving bill for sports grounds I saw sleet when playing toy instrument I say Anna is a cow I say restricting crossword setters is to display fear! I say, that is small footwear I see diver returning to a shipping hazard I see fool tucking into lavish meat dish I see polar bear's offspring perhaps caught inside a frozen block I see today's problem! I shall be briefly unwell I shall moderate bad mood I shall receive therapy for abuse I should say so!

I show a bit of bum to make first grand (in old money)I show skill surrounded by a lot of drinking I shrank in panic from god I simpered dreadfully in thin outer layer I sit in the box I built and I show off I slapped Alice's bum - no good and not a logical way to win an argument I sometimes employ them when animals are trapped I soon made up with them, with no hard feelings I specially chose woolly at first, seeing such entertainment? I started out with furrows (naturally)I state "lives must take precedence"I stay true, prepared for great self-denial I stop eliminating lives, in other words I stop tucking into cod, say — far too tough I stray off course in South American mountains I stray, running into soldiers in mountain ranges I stress?

I lie lazily about learner luxury cars clipped I like it hot, with bubbles rising over it I like to pick a rabbit say and put in for boiling I listened to composer - one that may alter one's view I live underwater.

I go ahead, not straight I go downhill in rally, occasionally taking chances I go out for a bit and sweat, ultimately unfit? That could be about right I got for nothing small tin of mostly meat - cold, perhaps?

I got scan to be reviewed, being sceptical I got stuck into rising tennis star, one likely to get seeded; failed horribly I grin awkwardly, keeping on doing some housework I guess I'd need dressing up for masquerade I had a house in American state I had a house in an American state I had clerk starting late and finishing early — layabout I had existence as a distinct personality I had smallest room, four, set up for composer I had to be listened to and watched I hate the new filling for ruddy lo-cal sandwiches I hate this time, being overwhelmed by a lot of those ideas I haul mimosa shrub latterly around island I have arrived dead on time?

I will leave European country for a period I will leave night clothes near entrance to room for someone staying I will probe copies turning up, appearing a shade nostalgic?

I will say almost everything is not allowed I won’t itemise the rest, even quickly I wondered about retirement cover I worry that endlessly flying planes must be this I would have little energy entering tough athletic event: it's torture I would take back pawn with pawn …I wouldn't laugh at leg-over when taken inside I wound up in US resort I’d come finally after membership fees go down I’d train to change long-established belief I’m basking initially in sun, turning to see raincloud I’m customer for a doctor that is restless I’m returning bet in error I’m tiny or freakishly being underage I'd album redone to contain it, having not planned ahead I'd backed commercial vehicle into dais, creating obstacle I'd heard and observed I'd interrupted to stress something unexpected I'd invested in small amounts after account revealing chance events I'd like to be given a bell making little sound I'd look up to this hero I'd neither gone off or was left I'd say young US man is able to pick up a Corsair I'd successfully woo model in sea abroad when it's chilly I'd teach doddery President about grubby tricks for budget problem solving I'd trap nun out in cricket game I'll be taken in by a worthy without you on hand I'll be topless, just fantastic I'll be welcomed by Stefan Edberg out drinking I'll break arm getting lid off?

That's an original thought I'll enter name coming up for tree I'll follow men over North American state I'll forget stupid racist banter I'll get cut treated, the source of some stress I'll get my share completely exaggerated by middle of week I'll never forget retired footballer and knight wearing cap I'll ruin toast? I'll see I'll take over after dad waves goodbye I'm a European country barring man producing pictures I'm a good remover of creases, mostly reversing source of creases I'm a Tory, confused about Liberal's awareness of what's right?

I'm about to feature in religious sermon I'm almost home - seriously I'm amazed by old people's investment I'm amazed, screening 2001 or one without a title I'm an adult struggling in foreign state I'm annoyed about following plan I'm annoyed model nurses take too many drugs I'm appearing in middle of winter, not too late I'm beginning to mature in handling of golf-club under waterlogged conditions I'm delicate but within limits feel fine I'm dismayed Papa is shouting out I'm dot in place I'm employed in advertising, with a Kent town council?

II (1946)i = v/r I accept order mistakenly and went to and fro I admitted to lethargy, travelling a long way I adore getting drunk with member of band's crew I adore it terribly, Steel's latest newspaper article I advance with fool past amateur soldiers, as a gunner I agree - well deserved, getting promoted I agree nothing should be dropped from medieval shows I agree to enter a card game I agree to try and try again! I aim to cut foreign nouns and suggestive remarks I also worried about Conservative Party I am a long time getting the likeness I am adult having to be in working order (a 15Dn say)I am boring, fussy creature I am European, into everything French for a short break I am frailest pa, struggling as head of the tribe I am man gone to struggle I am not in Barking to save a life I am on the way - the way forward I am on time and socially acceptable without any preparation I am satisfactory, turning up in gardens in casual wear I am sorry, darling (repeatedly)I am taken aback when rule is introduced in country I am to act as a go-between next I am to blame!

I am writing brief sketches I am, to Caesar I appear surrounded by rambling roses and trees I arrive dishevelled in coastal region I as in Ithaca I ate lunch drunk - wicked!

I spell out one, primarily syntactical, way to indicate missing text I stand: Lat. I study religious figure I subsequently will accept bill as imprecise I subsist unhealthily with chips and junk food?


  1. Defender Dragon Atk: 2000 Def: 1500, Level 4, Attribute: Light.

  2. His sentiments echoed those of Match CEO Mandy Ginsberg who told investors on a Wednesday morning conference call Match isn't worried about Facebook encroaching on the business.

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