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We know you want to focus only on the gorgeous alt ladies that these sites have, and so that’s what we’re making sure that you can do.

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We’ve taken the time to find the best alternative dating sites out there, and have done extensive research on all of them.

This makes it much easier for you to simply check out our site, find what’s good and go.

Finding a date who shares your interests on standard dating sites can be difficult, but on Alternative Dates it isn’t.

Simply sign-up for free and you’ll instantly be able to connect with our extensive community of single alternative daters whether they are punks, goths, metal-heads, rockers or emos. Alternative Dates is the only online dating site where you are sure to fit in.

By having that knowledge, you’ll have a much better chance of finding an amazing alt woman to hookup with online–all without the hassle of trying to track one down in real life that’s into the same lifestyle that you are. That’s why we’re doing this now; to make sure you don’t have to deal with the hassles that we did.

Taking the time to compare alternative dating sites isn’t easy work, but it’s certainly fun work, especially when we know how much it benefits guys like you. It isn’t easy, but we took our time finding the best, most legit alternative dating sites out there to make hookups with alt women happen.Even if you don’t have that kind of skill, that’s where we’ve got you covered. They’re supposed to be full of hot, interesting alt women that really want to get laid as much as you do.That’s what you should be focusing on, not whether or not that fake profile is about to snitch your personal information and run with it.Share as much as you can on your online dating profile, and include photos of all your art to show off!This is the best way to stand out and make sure your profile is seen by the right people.Talk about family, religion, career and goals just to see where you line up together, and where you don’t. You meet someone and you click, and all of a sudden it seems like a great idea to get a tattoo of each other’s names, or a matching piercing.


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