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Beverly La Haye The Spirit-Controlled Woman Harvest House 1976 Husbands & Wives : God's Design for the Family Book 1 Nav Press 1980.

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* We apologize, but we are unable to refund registration fees and they are non-transferable Can I bring my children to this Marriage Gathering?

& Pastor Anita Jackson How much does the Marriage Gathering Cost? * No What if I register, but I am unable to attend the Marriage Gathering, will I get a refund?

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What should you yourself do to be a good mate for someone? Here are some materials I have heard good things about.

Prov ;5:6-8;;2:7,13,15-20;;10:9;;21:8 Avoid tempting places & situations. Pr;1Tm1:9; Eze,58;-;~1Cr11:5-16; Mk Don't listen to seducing or evil talk (1-900...). Searching for an Excellent Spouse It can be a difficult task. Ruth 3 It can be an easy task, simply following God's lead. Pr-19;;1Cr; Sof S Don't withhold marital rights, except briefly by mutual consent for prayer.1Cr7:2-6 The husband is the head of the family. 1Cr; Php;1Pt4:9; Jude16 Build up, don't destroy, others.

Ep-24;1Cr11:3;1Pt3:1-6; Gn; Nu30 Wives must submit to their husbands. 2Cr10:8;; Pr;11:9,11;;1Th Be careful how you spend your time; work hard for the Lord.

* The registration fee includes Ice Breaker games, renewal of vows, communion, catered meal, impartation of the spoken Word by our Bishop and Leading Lady, workshop classes, a professional DJ to dance the night away and much, much more Does the fee include hotel accommodations?

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Other notes: Further Reading for Those Who Want a Good Family I do not recommend any books by Dr. He and others teach parents to ignore what the Bible says about discipline. Dobson says much of the blame of America's youth problems today can be laid at the feet of these men.


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